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2014. január 13., hétfő

NFL Denver Broncos!

The Broncos out-Chargered the Chargers, chewing up clock with a great running game and third-down play. The Broncos receivers were uncharacteristically sloppy in the red zone, but the Broncos' running game made up for it with 133 yards. Denver's defensive line was dominant for much of the contest; San Diego's offense somehow had just 79 total yards after three quarters.
The Broncos were already scary enough because of their record-breaking offense. This wasn't their best performance, but it showed that Denver can win a different style of game. Strong defense and running was the order of the day throughout Divisional Round Weekend, and the Broncos' performance fit right in.
If the Broncos' defense plays like this for two more games, Peyton should win his second Super Bowl trophy in Eli's building.

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